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Sofina Air Bed

    air bed

  • (Air beds) are a broad category of beds in which air is used to support the sleeper. Small motors pump air into mattress bladders to create different levels of firmness. The advantage of air beds is that you can adjust the firmness to suit you, and your partner can do the same.
  • A type of mattress that uses air chambers for support instead of an innerspring or foam core. Some air mattresses offer controls to adjust comfort by adding and removing air.
  • An inflatable mattress
  • An air mattress is an inflatable mattress/sleeping pad. Due to its buoyancy, it is also often used as a water toy / flotation device, and in UK is termed as a lilo (“Li-lo” being a specific trademark).


  • Sofina, Société Financière de Transports et d’Entreprises Industrielles, is a Belgian holding company, headquartered in Brussels, which invests in several industrial sectors such as Telecommunication (7%), Portfolio companies, Banks and Insurance (6%), Private Equity (6%), Services within the

sofina air bed

Sleeping With The Devils

Sleeping With The Devils

The last week hasn’t left me any time for flickr, so now I have lots of catching up to do (…again).
Wednesday, my parents came to visit, which meant that I spent two nights on an air bed in my livingroom. Unfortunately, the Devil Brothers liked the opportunity to fall asleep in front of the television so much that I had to fight for my place in it

Two twin size air beds Sevylor, 10 € and 15 €, 20 € for both (1)

Two twin size air beds Sevylor, 10 € and 15 €, 20 € for both (1)
Two "twin size" air beds, Sevylor, Dimensions 190cm x 80 cm (each sleeps one person). One air bed has been repaired (100% air tight), sold for 10 €, and one is fully original, sold for15 €. 20 € for both.